Discussion about kicking it out of low range.
By ToyotaJay

I have been sitting on this old 87 4runner for a year now. I bought it from my best friend, not running and parted out. All of the big stuff is there, and I parted out some another 4runner for some other parts.... But I should back up and lay down the back story.

My best friend Chuck had this Toy in high school. We went all over the hills with it having a blast and hauling kegs to parties. It is the whole reason I got into four wheeling. It has been through multiple engines. On its side in the middle of Skyline Drive. Busted by cops at the ampitheater. Impounded.... It really has been on a lot of adventures. Eventually it died and sat in front of his house for 5 years. After lots of haggling I got the tub, engine, axles and title. Another buddy of mine bought all of the interior and EFI stuff. So for 300 bucks I got a donor 4runner to start fooling around with.

Now the long time coming part.... I had intentions to start right away on it.... But life got in the way. I bought a house. Shop needed to be finished. Work, women and other distractions slowed me down. I messed around with it once and a while but no real progress....

The shop is done, except for a permanent heater, got some big tools bought, and now I have a super cool girlfriend that likes it when I go away to the garage....

SOOOOOOO..... I am going to slowly start to build this hog on the cheap.

Plans? Go fast. Thats about it.
By ToyotaJay
First round of gutting a truck.... August-ish.... Stripped the hood, doors, glass, dash, and ALL of the wiring out of the whole truck..... Who needs all that extra weight and junk....
By ToyotaJay
Second round of gutting.... Today actually.... And if you look close the shop looks alot different....

Removed the engine, E-brake brackets and cable, fuel tank, steering wheel junk and switches, and 90% of the factory sound proofing....

Next step is to finish removing the sound proofing, grind off a bunch of tabs and brackets, modify tilt steering, and a real good power washing....
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By Stevsie
Very cool man. I'll be watchin
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By axleater
I should try to find some pics of harolds old toyota he raced back in the 80's for a little inspiration!
Awesome dude I'm glad your finally getting time to work on it. Shop looks nice to an u can see what your working on.. now just hurry up ;D
By ToyotaJay
So a little more progress over the last couple weeks. Lots of factory junk cut and removed off of the body and frame. Cut out the inner fenders. New seats showed up. And Dub-C made a neat steering colomn support.
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By axleater
nice work man! love the seats
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