Discussion about kicking it out of low range.
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By Coltron
You gonna need a co-pilot? :D I'm excited to see how this thing turns out, it's looking great so far!
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By jason
This thing has been driven hard and tipped before so we had to do a little tweaking so the cage would be square.--not always a safe deal!

Have to hold it till the X bracing is in.

Nate blasting some sparks!

He wanted a nice clean dash and we used it to mount the column.

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By axleater
The only place to go if you want a real race quality roll cage! When you start looking at the difference between a race cage and some barn bent tooob you start to understand the dynamics involved in a chassis that will survive the constant pounding and potential high speed digger or an actual off road race car.  Tying everything together properly to transfer the stress to larger area's of the structure while still trying to package into an existing body requires an amazing amount of enginuity and creativity.   It looks even better in person!

I have rolled everything I have tried to drive on rocks. Was lucky that the only high speed roll wasn't that high speed and we landed squarely on the roof in a foot of snow. The crap that I welded together was good enough, but I am glad to have better now. If my driving isn't going to improve my roll cage better. [smiley=beer.gif]

Having a quality cage should be a top priority for everyone!
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By jason
Threw some cool tires on and put in the seats and its ready to go back to Jays for some more!

Loaded up and off it goes to fly at 80 MPH to blow some dust off.

Sweet dude move n along good. Nice wall jason!!!! I dig the skateboards. U need to get on utube an check out freeboards. They would be so fun dude, but ya old school to new age.. [smiley=thumbsup.gif]
By ToyotaJay
Got some TOTAL CHAOS parts ordered in. 62" long travel rear spring under conversion parts. So I had to cut off the old crap!
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