Discussion about kicking it out of low range.
By Digerup
I'm prepping my buggy to race this coming season and was wondering what was acceptable for a fuel cell. I currently have an aluminum tank, only about 12 gal. Do I need a tank with a bladder and what capacity tank is needed.
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By axleater
the broadview race is 35 to 40 miles per lap so depends on fuel mileage and pit strategy.
I am a big fan of the poly tanks with a metal can around them.
By Digerup
I was considering a cell like that with 26 gal capacity. My motor is an LS 3 with about 425 HP, so I would guess 5mpg racing.
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By axleater
Good choice!
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By Weasel
no bladder needed. No requirements that I recall on the style of cell.
By Digerup
Installing an atlas 3.0 and th400, wondering what stall you guys would use on this setup
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By axleater
There are so many factors that effect the actual stall that it is hard to say. If you have low gears the stall will be close to what it is supposed to be but higher gear ratios and tall tires will make it stall at a higher rpm. Low range will make it hook up lower than expected. Higher stall makes more heat.
1800 might work well if you are running 5.38's and 40" tall tires. Call up a converter company and tell them what you have and they can get you where you should be.
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