Information or questions relating to the club, our annual event, or land use.
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By jason
As most of you know we have been working with the forest service for many years and do alot of stuff to keep trails open. We have been doing a big project with them on the T-back and Bikini area. Finally, last Friday we were able to go on the ground and walk them through it and start the marking process. It will take multiple work projects and alot of work but it needs to be done. Last week Craig and I met with the "trails work group" and started putting up markers to help make the trails more understandable. There has been such a confusion with these two trails that we decided to start with the hardest to mark.

the first day of physical work crew

Using aluminum nails and not pounding them in tight as Forest Service recommended-- Craig nailing in one of the plaques from the number system that will be in place

checking GPS stuff and talking about what kind of signs seem to work best-- there will be a combination of carsonites, arrows, buck and rail fencing and plaques attached to trees and some larger rocks to help guide users from the beginning to the end of each trail.

By using a simple number system-- it will help people go through the trail without skipping sections
BK33----Bikini 33rd marker
along with arrows one should be able to see the next marker before moving forward in order to know which direction the should be going.

at the top area of T-back to give them on overview of the layout of this trail.
we spent most of the effort on Bikini and started T-back--they were able top see first hand how important marking these trails are--a group had been in there a few day prior and were cutting through areas and going off-trail.
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By jason
Me, Pat, Nate and Craig met up and went back up yesterday, Friday the 20th, with the crew to get some more done. It was HOT but we got a bunch done! We walked the crew back through all of T-back because they wanted to get more familiar with it and what our vehicles are capable of.

hard hats---that post pounder isnt light either! --Oh, there are ALOT of rocks in that area so it doesnt always pound in on the first or even fifth try!

Pats buggy worked great for hauling all of the gear through the trail.

The Forest Service had us trim some branches so the plaques can be seen.

We are trying three different ways to mount the numbered plaques--carsonites, trees and straight to some larger rocks. They say there is a learning curve on what seems to work best and "stay around". It will be a yearly thing to replace certain pieces but they are hoping the best.

In talking with the Forest Service we really need to get with locals and especially other clubs to make sure we are all on the same page with the proper routes and regulations needed to run these trails. They see that a rating system is a very important tool and hope the locals can help educate others.

PLEASE---If ANYONE doesnt know those trails well, please get with me or post up and ask questions and hopefully we can show others the routes and help explain why a rig needs certain things to attempt them. One of the worst areas is at the beginning of T-BACK--(plus about every other obstacle on Bikini and T-back) there were tracks going up every possible bypass area--this was a bad wake up call for us as we were leading the crew through the trail. They helped us drag branches and other things to block off those plus put in many carsonites to stop this activity. There will be some fencing that is needed to help this. (within one week we already had a carsonite pulled out right below the "hallway"--now there is three! They and we are hoping that after those routes recover and the trail markings are complete we can take out some of those. These trails are rated in such a way where you should have a winch and recovery points---if you can not make an obstacle you should winch up, get tugged or turn back.
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By rats
Great work guys, thanks.
I know when we go out there without a local "yocal" we can get lost pretty quick. It's tough to remember where the trail is supposed to go. We always tread lightly and don't forge a new path. But at least we can complete the entire thing without wondering if we hit it all.

Glad you guys are working with Forest Service and visa versa.

Now work on padding some rocks to I don't have to replace so much tubing. :lol:
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By pineappletuna
Great job guys I wish I lived closer So I could help out on week days but if you guys are needing help on weekends let me know I am usually looking for a excuse to go to the hills anyway thanks for all your hard work
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By Stevsie
GREAT job everyone involved. Its nice to see us moving forward in the preservation of the trails we have left.

Hoping I can run them this year. Flat belly, winch, hydro steer and a cage and ill be ready.
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