Information or questions relating to the club, our annual event, or land use.
By Ryan283
We made some good progress today.
We were able to build/install 4 fence units at various spots on Bikini and Tback.
There are so many places in which people unknowingly, and KNOWINGLY bypass and cut through the trail.
Some carsonites have been intentionally removed or destroyed. :mad:
Realizing we can't control or police the trail means we can only do so much.
We make a good effort at labeling the trail, and putting up some barricades to keep people off limits.
Also, some ding-dongs had made an illegal huge fire-pit ring out of rock. We took it upon ourselves to relocate the rocks.
We also picked up trash and leftover camping debris.
The only legal spot to have a camp-fire in the forest is in a camp-ground's fire-pit. You can't just have a fire wherever you choose.

We used my TJ to haul around Pat's cool old military trailer. We hauled the fence material and various cordless tools.
We had a good turnout:

And my dad joined in the project as well.

Weather was cold, rainy, and little breezy.
Oh well. It wasn't snowing. And I got to spend the day with my dad and some good friend.
Plus I got to rock-crawl with a trailer ! :-o
Aaaaannnddd I might have broken the trailer. :cry: Sorry Pat !
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By axleater
It was a good day! I guess we will now have to rely on the character of our fellow 4 wheelers to see if this will help guide them along the proper trail. It may mean winching, I know it did for me!
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