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By axleater
I must be getting dumber with age but for the life of me I cannot find the color download able maps on the forest service page or the Avena map store. Trying to load up a new tablet. Any one else as lost as me?
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By axleater
I found 3 large black and white maps through avensa's map app but nothing color like the ones I downloaded on my phone.
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By axleater
Been using them on my phone for a few years and they are awesome! The black and white just isn't as user friendly.
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By axleater
I like the larger area that the black and white maps cover. (3 maps instead of 8 or 9). but i really liked the color coded trail system on the color maps. What are the chances of talking the forest service into offering a color version? even if it was not free i would be down with paying for it.
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