Information or questions relating to the club, our annual event, or land use.
By starky
We have been coming to the Black Hills for the past 5 years for trail riding. We stay in the Nemo area and ride out from there. Last year some of the trails were in very bad shape due to land slides in particular, the river bottom jeep rock trail. Don't know what it's really called. This was in July. Was wondering if they have cleaned them up for this summer?
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By Weasel
we don't really clean up trails unless they are blocked by trees. Camp 5 road or Hal Johns bypass road. Nature working on trails is part of the fun!
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By axleater
do you know the trail number? We are always hoping mother nature does a little rearranging to keep things fresh out here!
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By axleater
Just realized you are riding a UTV from your other post. Most of the jeep rock crawl trails are going to be a little too much for UTV's but there are plenty of UTV friendly trails in the area as well!
By starky
I don't know the trail number but it's a road (sort of) that runs along the river bottom that goes up to Camp 5. There are some gold claims down there so I thought they would clean the road up. We like to ride the rocks in our UTVs where we can but last year the road was worse than the river bottom. Personally I thought it was a blast but there were some in our group that would prefer to stay on the road and watch us have all the fun. We're still listening to some of the crying. Good times.
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By axleater
Plenty of "roads" out there to drive on.
Camp 5 is actually a rock crawling trail. We consider the rockcrawling trails better when they get harder!
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