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By axleater
Looks like there is a way to request of build a map on Avenza's web page too. I think I need to get someone smarter than me involved in that though!
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By twfuller
I chatted with the FS and sent an email. Here is the response I got. Guess we just have to keep using the 2016 maps on our phones.

Hi Terry,
In the past Black Hills National Forest has produced the color map as a convenience to the public. It was not something that we were required to do, but we had the capability so we provided that extra tools for our trail users. This year, due to some personal changes leaving positions uncovered, we have not been able to produce the colored map.

I am not sure what Avenza Is selling in their map store for $30. It could be a privately produced map, but it is not a Forest Service publication.

We hope to be able to provide the color version of the Motorized Vehicle Use Map in the future, but it may not be available in 2017. Please feel free to call me with any questions.


Forest Service Shield
Annie Apodaca
Forest Recreation/Wilderness/Trails and Special Uses Program Manager
Forest Service
Region 2 - Black Hills National Forest
p: 605-673-9239
f: 605-673-9350
1019 N 5th Street
Custer, SD 57730
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By axleater
what is avenza selling for $30? any idea's? Or does anyone know how to get the color maps from my phone to my tablet?
By Jeff from Iowa
I have the avena trail map down loaded to my phone is there a way to use it as navication, picking a destination? possibly trail markers?

What about scenic maps does anyone use it? I have it also but am unsure how to pick a destination to get directions.

Thanks Jeff

Ill be there wed thru sunday this week.
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By axleater
I am not aware of navigation abilities but i am not that tech savvy.
By Wild-Willys
You can go to the map and put placemarks on it to mark trail heads, points of interest and/or plan and mark a route but Avenza doesn't have any automatic turn by turn navigation features beyond that. Putting the placemarks in, changing color, naming and adding a photo of the spot is really simple once you mess with it a bit and figure it out.

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