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By rws
Greeting from Canada: A couple of years ago I attended a JJ in the Black Hills and had a blast. Several members mentioned the Dakota Challenge and how much fun it for great wheeling and spending time with "like minded" people. Now that the dates for 2017 have been posted, I was wondering how to apply to reserve a spot?
By pineappletuna
They usually post the applications for it mid May just fill it out and email it back in and pay for your spot and it is defiantly a blast for sure with a great group of like minded enthusiasts
By rws
Weasel wrote:I'm going try and have the app posted by April. Send a email to and ask to be put on the mailing list.
Done. Thx
By Jeff from Iowa
I sent in my app. If any tail gunners are needed I'd be up for helping out. I'll be in the hills wed to Sunday this week at steel wheel if anyone wants to go for a ride. Green alum yj. Spot 25 in the park. Hoping to night run hal johns wed. 7123101183

42 4/4 full hydro ls etc.
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By axleater
if only i wasn't in sioux falls this week!
By Jeff from Iowa
Ryan and I ran t back bikini plus all the extras in 2 hours sat..

shoot me a text I have some questions for you axleater
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