Information or questions relating to the club, our annual event, or land use.
we have a few idea's to vote on at the next general meeting but are still open for some more!

So far we have:

Build the Crawl!

Rock of Ages

I do my own Stunts

Never fear the rockcrawler is here

Got Rocks?

Following me? Bad Idea!

Following me is a bad idea

Crawl the Wall!

Volunteers needed for these committees so that all the things i didn't do well last year get done better this year!

1)merchandise - Michelle volunteered to be the head of but need needs help
2) door prize and swag bags - Ryan is up for MC-ing the give away but would like someone to take the reins for procurement. He has a mailing list ready to go and i would encourage everyone in the club to challenge their local vendors to help out with door prizes and give aways. everyone likes a freebie!
3)hospitality/ registration - one of our most important spots for sure! we need people to commit to checking into challenge on thursday morning and helping take care of our guest's throughout the weekend.
4) tech inspection- working seamlessly with our registration team to get people checked in smoothly
5)kid prizes- getting with the registration team to make sure we have some sweet swag for all of our shorter guests
6) raffle ticket sales team- work in conjunction with to advertise, promote, and sell tickets for our raffle items
7 trail master- the guy or gal that seamlessly coordinates the trail leaders with the trail followers. always challenging but always fun!
8)head of super cool awards person- daily checking in with the trail leaders to keep track of who truely deserves the awards for best non buggy, best buggy, hard luck, spirit, - Ryan has volunteered for this, but others are encouraged to assist!
9) Challenge follow up- as we all know i did not send out a survey this year because i am tech-tarded and organizationally challenged. if someone would like to take the bull and run with it on this one it would be a success!

we all know that i am really not that good at this, but with a little help from a lot of people we can make this years challenge better than it has ever been!

Volunteer early, ask to help often, tell me what to do as much as possible and we will have a great challenge!

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